Morning news for May 08, with Jane Goodworld

Morning news for May 08 

Many sports drinks, even though marketed as
"healthy", may have large amounts of corn syrup or even crystalline
fructose as their main sweetener.  This
sweetener will make these sports drinks as bad as soda for your body and your
brain.  Don't be fooled by the misleading
marketing that is showing athletes using this stuff.
The choices we make with our daily food can PREVENT Alzheimers,
cancer, and heart disease, the more well-known degenerative diseases.   We
need to make better, informed choices, throughout our lives, not when it's too
late. Even in our 30's, 40's, and 50's, our food choices will control these
terrible diseases.
Herbs and spices can protect your brain and body.
Turmeric is a highly used and considered to have antioxidant
benefits and brain-protecting effects.  India
has the lowest rate of Alzheimers, where curry with turmeric and other spices are
eaten regularly.   This shows some of the brain-protecting
effects of turmeric.
In addition, the powerful DHA and EPA omega-3 fats
in fish oil has been proven in countless studies to protect your
brain from damage over the years.