Sobeys came out on top in CTV Calgary's price comparison of grocery
items on Sunday, April 13, giving shoppers the best buy for their money.

The price comparison was done by home economist Sylvia Kong as part of an ongoing series on price checks aired monthly on CTV.

Once a month, CTV creates a grocery list and compare prices at major
Calgary stores. The prices are a snapshot on the given day.

All coupons and membership programs are included and some chains vary prices from store to store.

CTV priced out 35 items at the Shawnesssy Safeway, Shawnessy Co-op, Millrise Sobeys, and Shawnessy Superstore.

The best deal was at Sobeys, where the grocery basket cost $144.09.

The same goods bought at Superstore cost $144.16.

At Co-op, it cost $147.69.

And it was most expensive to shop at Safeway, where the grocery basket cost $165.77.