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Storage Boxes


Pandora Storage Boxes
The Pandora Cabinet is the original container cabinet, often
copied, never matched.

Pandora cabinet is a modular container cabinet which is
inspired by the wonderful colour mosaics that sprout to life in every harbour
and container terminal the world around.

The individual pieces of the Pandora Cabinet can be stacked
and rotated around in endless (colour -) combinations, to create your personal
container terminal for all domestic storage uses.

It is available in three different sizes, Small, Medium and
Large. The Pandora Cabinet is available in four colors of Grey, Pure Orange,Traffic White, and Jet Black.

Material: Powder Coated Steel, smoked glass (version with the
internal glass shelf).

Options: Metal internal shelf or glass internal shelf.

The price does not include the set of four wheels, with brake (by order).

Indoor and Outdoor Use.


SMALL: Height: 50 Width: 100 Depth: 50 cm, Weight: 40 kg.

MEDIUM: Height: 100 Width: 100 Depth: 50 cm, Weight: 90 kg.

LARGE: Height: 200 Width: 100 Depth: 50 cm, Weight: 120 kg.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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“A cold wind was blowing from the north

Lonnie E. Shipe, M.A. | Press Release:

Combating Counterfeit Products Act (Bill C-8)
Counterfeit and pirated goods are a growing threat to the
Canadian and global economy. They undermine innovation, diminish brand
integrity and threaten economic growth as well as the health and safety of
Under this new law, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)
will be able to take action to prevent illegal counterfeit goods from entering
Canada's economy.
CBSA will be able to work with businesses and rights holders
to identify counterfeit goods at the border and will have the power to search for
and detain these illegal goods, preventing them from entering the Canadian
This law will protect Canadian consumers, manufacturers and
retailers, as well as the Canadian economy, from the health and economic
threats presented by counterfeit goods coming into Canada.
Quick facts
The Combating Counterfeit Products Act creates a
system for rights holders to submit a "request for assistance" to the
Canada Border Services Agency, which allows for the sharing of information and
better cooperation to stop counterfeit and pirated goods at the border—before
they reach the Canadian market.
Trademark owners will now be able to seek civil damages for
the manufacture of, distribution of and possession with intent to sell
counterfeit goods.
The law also amends the Criminal Code to make
selling, distributing, possessing, importing or exporting counterfeit goods for
the purpose of trade subject to fines and possible jail time.
Additionally, it will be illegal to make, import, export or
possess counterfeit labels. This is a tactic used by some counterfeiters to
import acceptable generic goods and then apply counterfeit trademarks
separately once in Canada.

The law targets commercial criminals, not individual
travellers, and includes a specific exception for individuals who are
travelling across the border with counterfeit goods intended for personal use.

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Sheet Music for All Seasons

Oh, what fun it is to Play your own Carols! Christmas is just around the corner! Now is the time to stock up on your favorite Christmas carols or festive songs. We have music for every age, skill level, and occasion! Carol books, individual songs, we've got something for everyone. Liven up the holidays with some live music. In the spirit of the holidays we have lowered the minimum order value for Free Budget Shipping to $20! Combine that with our Baerenreiter sale and get those high-quality editions of classical favorites for 20% off and you can save big! Also check out the Boosey & Hawkes sale where you can get 20% off 19th and 20th century masterpieces. And don't forget to stock up on Pop, Rock, and Classical favorites from the Music Sales Group for 20% off! Free Budget Shipping 20% off Baerenreiter Verlag Editions Featured Sale 20% off Boosey & Hawkes 20% off Music Sales Group Upcoming Sales and Promotions Find us on Google+

Brad Wheller | Press Release: Your Health

Brad Wheller | Press Release: Your Health

Blood pressure without further specification usually refers
to the systemic arterial pressure measured at a person's upper arm and is a
measure of the pressure in the brachial
, the major artery in the upper arm. A person’s blood pressure is
usually expressed in terms of the systolic pressure over diastolic pressure and
is measured in millimetres of mercury (mm Hg), for example
120/80. It is also expressed as the amount over normal atmospheric pressure
(760 mm Hg), so a blood pressure of 120 mm Hg would actually be
880 mm Hg of true pressure.

Blood pressure varies in healthy people and animals, but its
variation is under control by the nervous and endocrine systems. Blood pressure
that is pathologically
low is called hypotension, and that which is pathologically high is hypertension.
Both have many causes and can range from mild to severe.

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Feeder Matrix

 City Water Country Water

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Stress Coach's Training

 Stress Coach Training on IBOToolbox

Relaxation Therapy Training for Therapists

  Home Distant Relaxation Therapy Course
Course topics include

What is Stress ?
Stress Response,
Relaxation Response,
Relaxation Techniques,
Breathing Techniques,
Meditation Techniques,
Music for Relaxation,
Setting the Scene....

This home program includes Relaxation Therapy Workbook & mp3 downloads.
Certificate of Completion can be achieved if Student Passes, Activities and Assignments within 6 month period.

The course is designed by Eileen Burns, Stress Coach, Meditation Teacher & Relaxation Therapist of over 12 years. Eileen began studying healing, meditation, personal development over 20 years ago.

Eileen Burns has been in the counselling field for many years.  I have had the benefit of Eileen’s knowledge and can say that I was greatly helped and guided during a couple of short talks on Skype.

   If you feel overwhelmed and you are unsure about your next step in life, Eileen can help you.

This training is designed for counselors, therapists, mental health workers , yoga teachers.

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