Children learn about famous artists, and have fun while mounting pictures.

Busy teachers and parents need all the help they can get, which is why we make it easy to view our selection of FREE activities, many submitted by people like you!
To help children learn about the works of famous artists. 

Indestructibles™  made for baby to grab, chew, pull, bend, and hang on to. Made from 100% washable material that won't tear, rip, or puncture. Eye-catching photos are bright and colorful and pages contain no words, allowing you to create your own stories. 

Titles Include:
*Jungle Rumble*Mama & Baby*Flutter Fly*Creep! Crawl!*Plip-Plop Pond*Wiggle! March!
  • Books can be washed in the dishwasher
  • Cuddle up with your baby and explore the books together
  • Art has a 3-D quality that brings the stories to life
  • Ages birth and up
grab, chew, pull, bend, and hang on to.  100% washable.  Eye-catching photos create your own stories.


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