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It's taken me a long time to get to the point where I had to come up with this PR.  For years I volunteered my time on the phone going over other business' problems, questions and concerns (and I mean volunteered, as I wasn't getting paid).

  While the short-calls were not an issue, there were several who called, took hours of my time, and disappeared afterward, never to be heard of again.  While I heard praise for my work and help, these long conversations and reviews of reports and documents took me away from other work and demanded some kind of commission.

  So, I'm writing to inform all businesses and career professionals out there of this offer from me and my company, SOLUTIONS Indoor Environmental Consulting

  • Have you gotten another inspector's report and question the analytical process or findings?  Need a second opinion, but don't need another site visit?
  • Are occupants of your office or work area experiencing sick building syndrome that led you to take your own samples and send them to a laboratory?  Do you need help reviewing those documents and laboratory reports?
  • Do you work in the restoration or remediation or construction industry and are questioning your understanding of another inspector's protocol or an insurance company's estimate for your work?  Would you like me to review your estimate and provide any suggestions for occupational safety and health compliance, standard of care compliance, or other work needs, making sure they're adequately reflected in your estimate?
  • Are you another inspector with questions related to an occupant complaint (called into your office), inspection process, or laboratory report?  Would sharing your information for consultation help you and your client?
  • Do you have a training need that you need help organizing for but don't need someone to come out and train you or your employees?
  • Or are there other situations, reports or documents that you could benefit from an occupational safety and health consultant, industrial hygienist, indoor environmental consultant or microbial remediation supervisor, but you don't need a site-visit?
We are now offering an email and phone consultation service that includes this and more.  We will charge by the hour to contracted clients only.

  The first fifteen minutes will be free, but there-after the client will be billed an hourly rate (in hour increments) for any work performed by SOLUTIONS Indoor Environmental Consulting.

  To learn more, contact me directly at 877-624-7185 or email me at
This is just another way SOLUTIONS Indoor Environmental Consulting is seeking to answer the needs of our clients.  So, don't take chances, gain empowering Solutions - today!
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