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You won’t have as many opportunities for help or the facilities to help you take care of accidents and emergencies. Because of that, you need to be absolutely careful when you handle your camping stove and cooking equipment.

1. No matter how much you want to include your children in the camping process, never let them operate your stove equipment without adult supervision.

2. Don’t be tempted by inexpensive prices and use unapproved fuel types. And don’t try to save money further by using fuel containers that have been dropped, dented or damaged in any way. Dispose of them properly and avoid the temptation of using them.

3. Always be sure to keep your fuel containers and cooking stove away from your camp fire or other heat sources. Even if you’re using solid state fuels which claim to be less volatile, you still need to make sure you keep your fuel a good distance away.

4. If your fuel tank runs dry during a cooking session, don’t get impatient! Make sure you wait until it has cooled down to the outdoor temperature before attempting to remove it and switch it out for a new tank.

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