Beginner Camping Tips

Beginner Camping Tips

Beginner Blunders

For unprepared new campers, there's a different story. You can spot them the minute they step onto the campground...

They're so disorganized they packed a mish mash of city clothes, some personal items, a borrowed tent, and expensive gear they've never used before.

Then reality hits...

First, they arrive near sunset after hours of driving. They fumble around to put up their tent in the dark, but it's missing parts.

Second, they didn't bring water or the right food. There's no supermarket nearby, so they go to bed hungry and thirsty.

Third, they realized didn't bring items to get a good night sleep. They sleep on a cold and damp tent floor with just a light blanket cover.

Last, they didn't bring items to stay comfortable on the trip.

They're stressed out, and everyone who went with them is unhappy. They pack up sooner than they wanted, and head for home or a nearby motel.

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