What is contaminated with titanium dioxide?.

The foods all contain titanium dioxide in nano form. like mentos and coffee mate and more. Click the picture it gets big so you can see what is contaminated with titanium dioxide.

To help cure your cord of firewood, leave the bark on.  Cover the stack with clear, heavy plastic sheeting to let the heat of the sun dry the wood but allow air circulation from the sides.  It is not necessary to cover the wood unless you get an exceptional amount of rain--the wood dries out mostly from the ends.  It takes four months to a year to cure firewood, depending on the type, size and location.  Locating your cord of wood rack in the sun will speed up drying time. 

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To see if firewood is cured, look for checking and splitting on the ends.  The bark should also come off easily.    If you weigh a piece just after it is split, you can determine when it has lost its 20% weight in water.  Weigh it again in a month or so to see how it is seasoning.  When it has lost 20% of its weight, it is cured. If in doubt, leave it for a full year.

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