Brad Wheller - Press Release titled; Having A Web Presence.

 Having A Web Presence.

Making Money Online   is a skill.  Just like typing, skipping, or ice skating.

And any skill can be learned. 
I am making money online.  You can do the same. 

So many people online say they want to teach others how having a Web Presence helps to make you money.   
All they are really trying to do is sell you products.  Then what?  Nothing!  You are on your own.

There is a whole process to learn. It takes time.

These 4 elements – Mindset, Simple knowledge, Good product, Marketing skills are all equally important to online success.  Adding to your Web Presence.

Elements For Online Success

  Having the “get it done mindset” with the correct attitude
Does wonders for us when we are having an off day.

  Knowing some basic computer and simple web skills
 Will help avoid confusion, when there is a glitch with the process.

  A product to sell, it can be your own or someone else's.
  It needs to fulfill a widespread or daily essential niche..
The skill, Web Presence and knowledge needed to market that great product online.

 A Web Presence
An internet business must be grounded on a Web Presence.   For this simple fact, you will need to know some web skills and make an effort to learn and memorize at least one process, very well.  
I talk with many people who SAY they want to make money online, and who have not gone to the “trouble”

 People spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars purchasing products from highly experienced marketers - with great promises of easy riches.

These products provide income for some Gurus to get rich.  Spinoff DVD's, over-copied modules or CD's end up gathering dust on the computer desk and hard drive.  

Here's a little secret that all successful marketers like to keep quiet.

The Money Is In The List.  We have been hearing a lot of that lately; its true

Spend time cultivating and building a relationship with your list, sales will always follow

Don’t forget you will need to know some web skills.  
 So, if you are thinking that simply having a product online will result in sales.


That may have been true years ago - but not now.
It's up to you if you want to quit your job or have a spouse quit and

 You've got to admit it's a great way to achieve peace-of-mind in
this topsy-turvy world we live in right now.

Downsizing, outsourcing and a global stalled economy may be wreaking
havoc on your cash flow.  The smart thing to do is to find another
income just in case the unthinkable happens.

As you pursue your business opportunities include Wealthy Affiliate as
a powerful income source, too.

Here's a brief outline about how to do it.

1. Figure out what a full-time income means to you in terms of

2. Discover how big an organization you need to build to create your
   full-time income.

3. Set a goal to achieve it by a certain date.  Then break it down
   into daily actions.

4. Begin immediately to take those focused actions.

It's a simple process.  Smash can help.

One that you'll be glad you put into action as an uncertain future
-       Brad Wheller, wberad. 

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