Brad Wheller just posted a new Press Release titled Fix Shoulder Pain.

Brad Wheller just posted a new Press Release titled - Fix Shoulder Pain.  

1        Since it’s the most common injury in the gym, it’s likely you’ll
experience some shoulder pain at some point. (I hope you don’t.)
2        Having the doctor tell you not to workout anymore is not an option.
3        Surgery is a last resort and you want to avoid it if you can.
4        Medications have side effects and aren't healthy for you to be on
long term.  We know they just mask the issue at hand anyhow.
5        Appointments with doctors, therapists, specialists and technicians all
take time and money that is very limited and valuable.
6        Cortisone shots again just cover the symptoms. Scratch that.
7        The Internet has changed the world. You know have access to
injury specialists like Rick Kaselj, MS from the comfort of your
own home without having to travel.  Some health care professionals
hate this because it threatens their bottom line.  But times are changing.
8        Now for just $20 you can fix your own shoulder with the latest
techniques your local specialist might not even know about.  And if
they did it would cost you $150 per hour.
9        There are still some cool launch bonuses available for a few hours more.
10    If it doesn’t work (it will)…get your money back.
I could add another 20 reasons, but I don’t need to.  You know a good deal when
you see one.  This is great insurance.  For twenty bucks get it just in case.

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