Kimberly Booker just posted a new blog titled ROYAL JELLY, BEE PROPOLIS.

Kimberly Booker just posted a new blog titled ROYAL JELLY, BEE PROPOLIS.

    What happens when you pair the most accurate  manual
      system on the planet with ground breaking new
      software… it changes the way we trade forever
  Hi  Trader,
  No it’s not a  robot, far from it.
  Let me explain. This is something you have not seen
      before and in a minute, I think you will  be in 100%
    agreement with me  that it is going to change how people
    trade Forex in the future.
  But I'm not only  going to tell you about it, you can go
      watch a time laps recording of this brilliant  software
      at work, and one of Josh Schultz students  using this
      software, carefully following the rules of  his system
      to nail profitable trades:

  It is a powerful  new program that Josh had developed by
    one of the best  programmers in the world to
    automatically  signal him when there is a trade using
    the Forex Profit  Model.
  Watch it  live in action right here:
 This is not a  robot in any way
  This is the  ultimate trade assistant. It knows  and
    follows the rules  of Josh's highly accurate Forex
    Profit Model, it  carefully watches for trades and
    alerts you when  there is one you should have a look at.
  But you make the final decision. That  means you don't
    have the huge  drawdown robots have but still have many
    of the advantages  of an automated system.
  I guess it would be like having an experienced pro
      trader who is very knowledgeable in your  system watch
      your screen for you all day and alert you  when there's
    a setup.
  Watch what it can do:
  Here's how it works:
  It will monitor any currency pair on any time  frame
      like an aircraft on autopilot. As soon as  it finds a
    high probability  trade it will alert you.
  This is not a black box where you don’t  ever get to
    know how it  works. The whole point of this is to make
    your life easier.  It follows the rules in the Forex Profit Model
    so you know exactly what the Aviator is trying  to do.
  It can be adapted to your style and level of  risk. You
    can set it to  different modes - conservative, moderate
    and aggressive.
  One button setup. It comes with an  automatic installer.
    Just press the  button and it sets up for you.
  If you watched  the video about a typical day in Josh's
    life then you  know the last thing he wants to do is sit
    and stare at  charts all day. When he isn't helping
    other traders in  the many forums he oversees or doing
    some personal one  on one coaching, he likes to relax
    and play. Who  doesn't? The Aviator allows him to spend
    more time on what he loves and still not ever  miss a good
  In trading,  this is what separates the men
      from the boys…
  The traders who  make six and even seven figures a year
    know these  things:  

  • How to spot a setup. 

  • To act on it quickly, because in seconds that  trade may be gone. 

  • To use a proven system, trust in the system and  use good money  management.

  •   The Forex Profit Model is proving to be the  most
          accurate, trustworthy, dependable and highly  profitable
          Forex trading system on the market.
      That's the  opinion of every trader who has seen it but
        the real proof in the pudding is in the live  trades.
        There are at least 25 live trades that prove  how
        well the Forex Profit Model performs. If  you haven't
        yet, you should  watch them right here:

      When you add the  Aviator into the mix, this is just
        pure genius.
      You could get both the entire Forex Profit  Model system
          and the Forex Aviator completely  gratis
          delivered right to your front door.
      Here's  how, it's as easy as leaving a quick comment

      Comment about what?
      Maybe it's the powerful Forex Cash Builder that Josh is
          giving away. People are making profitable  trades and
        real cash with  this. Just download it, have a look at
        it and tell him  what you think.

      Or you can grab  the over 4 hours of zero cost recorded
          training which includes an entire system that you can
        be using today to  be profitable. Then just leave a
      These are real comments from the page:

        “I downloaded this about 3 hours ago. It gave  a sell
        signal on AUD/USD at the top of the hour so I  took
        the trade and bagged 20pips in the first hour  and it
        is still running.”
      Now I'm not sure if it was beginners luck but  every
          single one of them expired in the money!  making a
          cool 75% profit in less than 1 hour.
      You can grab what  they are talking about gratis right
      Or you just comment on the perfect day video, the over
          25 live trade examples, or the one that  really got me
        thinking was the 2 minute video about the trader that
        made 1.8 billion.
      So basically, just  leave a comment about anything on the
        page and you could get a zero cost copy of the most
        advanced and profitable trading system on the  planet.
      But make sure you see Aviator in action:
      All the Best
        YOUR NAME
      P.S. You may have  noticed the guitar in the background
        at the beginning  of Josh’s “perfect day” video. He plays a lot
        and is actually  quite good. That’s one of the reasons he paid
        to have the  Aviator developed. He can sit and play his guitar
        while it watches  his screen and still not ever miss a good trade.
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