PEAVY Cant hook ?

PEAVY Cant hook  
Now that I have my two cant hooks,  I can have the logs in a safe position for cutting blocks
  A cant hook is a logging tool consisting of a wooden handle with a movable metal hook, used for handling logs. The cant hook has a blunt tip, with a knurled metal cap bearing teeth.398164_Food Insurance
A peavey or peavey hook is a logging tool consisting of a handle, generally from 30 to 50 inches long (0.75 to 1.25 m), with a metal spike protruding from the end. The spike is rammed into a log, then a hook (at the end of an arm attached to a pivot a short distance up the handle) grabs the log at a second location. Once engaged, the handle gives the operator leverage to roll or slide or float the log to a new position.
The peavey as a refinement to the cant hook (also known as a "cant dog") in the 1850s. Many lumberjacks use the terms interchangeably, though a peavey will have a spike in the end of the handle, and a cant dog will have a blunt end or possibly small teeth for friction.
The Peavey Manufacturing Co. is still located in Maine and manufactures several
A logging cant dog or cant hook is used for lifting, turning, and prying logs when loading sleds. A collar to encircle the cant dog handle, with the hook on one side This tool has its origins in the logging industry, many arborists, tree care professionals, land owners and portable sawmill operators now use cant hooks for moving logs and timber.512271_SetonCACA 468 x 60 20% Offer