A Sharp Chainsaw and slow actions

Better safe than sorry - protective equipment for
 working with a chainsaw.
Safety is a matter of immense importance
for us and that is why all chain saws 
include comprehensive safety 
features. Optimum protection while 
working with a chain saw depends, 
on the these technical safety features,
your personal protective equipment 
and your attitude.  A safe working 
technique, a sharp chain and slow 
thoughtout actions because protective 
clothing alone is not enough!  There 
is no such thing as "perfect" clothing 
guaranteeing total protection.  For 
this reason, you should always strictly 
follow the safety instructions in the 
User Manual for your chain saw. 
If you have never used a power tool 
before attend a training course.  
Minors should never be allowed to use a 
chain saw without supervision. Keep 
children, animals and bystanders 
well away from the work area. Ensure
that the chainsaw cannot be used without 
authorization. The user is responsible 
for accidents or risks involving third 
parties or their property.
A chainsaw should only be loaned to 
people familiar with its operation – 
and the Instruction Manual should 
always be handed over with the 
machine. The machine may only be
operated by people who are in 
good physical health and in good mental 
condition. Check that saw is properly assembled 
and in good condition - refer to appropriate chapters in the
Instruction Manual