Do not store wood piles

Do not store wood piles next to the house.

Another, good reason to keep a tidy woodpile is critter control keeping it clean around the cord of wood racks eliminates bugs.  Keeping the bugs away prevents larger critters from moving in.  No food becuase there is no shelter for bugs.
 Mice can not only survive in several environments, but prosper in them also. In fact , a female mouse can have as many as 100 baby mice in one year. Surrounding the exterior of your house with certain plants, like mint, can help with mice control by warding off the pest. Using mint oil or crushed mint leaves on the cord of wood and other areas of the home, is another helpful trick. Sprinkling used cat litter around is another mouse control idea; mice will instantly detect the perfume of a cat and know that this is not the spot for them.